Candle Production Line Tallon Associates, 477 Chester Road, Manchester, M16 9HF
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Reference: 18-GG

Location: Tiverton

 The candle production line is made up of:

  • Plastic slated infeed conveyer 6m long with 90 deg bend extending a further 2m
  • Beading machine mounted over infeed conveyer. Auto fitting of 10mm x 6mm dia glass tube over wicks.
  • Date coding station using a star wheel to feed glasses across a dead plate enabling bottom coding.
  • Indexing conveyer 14.5 m long, 1m wide with stations for:
    • Pre-heating glasses to reduce scaring and shrinkage in the finished candle. The heating consists of a thermostatically controlled heater plate and hot air blower.
    • 10 lane dosing station using 5 x drive units each with 2 “king” gear pumps. Each pump is connected to a pneumatically controlled “King” dosing nozzle. Pumps and nozzles are connected to a header manifold using trace heated stainless steel braided hoses.
    • Cooling station made up of a 9.5m covered section with integral inblow fans mounted in the top and 3 x 400mm extract fans along with some ducting for venting externally.
    • Infrared heaters mounted in the cooling section near the end of the cooling are used for reheating the surface of the wax to remove surface imperfections.
  • Plastic slated Outfeed conveyer 2.5m long with 90 deg bend extending a further 1.5m
  • Bottom labeller with side drives (1 side drive missing)
  • Plastic slated conveyer 8.0m long
  • Control panel with controls for adjusting conveyer speeds, fill levels, fill speed and individual selection of dosing lanes.
  • Recirculation pump and pipework for recirculating wax from holding vessel to dosing station.
  • stainless steel, steam jacketed pan used as holding vessel
  • stainless steel, steam jacketed pan used to mix the formulation before being transferred to the holding tank.

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Candle Production Line Candle Production Line Candle Production Line Candle Production Line Candle Production Line

Ref: 18-GG

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